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NEW Wisconsin Health Plan Introduced as Assembly Bill 1140

In June 2005, State Representatives Curt Gielow (R-Mequon) and Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) unveiled the details of a comprehensive, bipartisan health care reform proposal called the Wisconsin Health Plan. In March of this year, Gielow and Richards formally introduced the Wisconsin Health Plan as Assembly Bill 1140. You can view the legislation by clicking this link:

You can view a new summary, a new concept paper, an analysis by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, and a FAQ document available on the "Understanding the plan" page (link at left)

Working in partnership with the Wisconsin Health Project, the authors have met with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals from all across the state to discuss the details of our proposal, listen to feedback, and continuously work to improve the proposal. The legislation is not a final product but, rather, a work in progress.

Finding reasonable solutions to such a complex problem is going to require patience, open mindedness, and a willingness to move forward in the spirit of compromise. The authors brought the plan forward to help initiate a genuine, thoughtful public debate about what government should -- and should not -- do to address the health care crisis in our state. All Wisconsin residents are encouraged to engage in the debate and help to move this discussion forward.



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